Global Halal Connectivity

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Brief Intro

Established in Hong Kong, King Sight (HK) Ltd. provides Small & Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) the services, support, and roadmap to explore the Halal business opportunities to access, test, and market their products into Hong Kong and China, respectively.

​We work strategically with local govt bodies to assist SMEs to explore and provide services to promote their manufactured goods overseas.

​With abundance opportunities and growing demand for products in greater China area, we look forward to work hand in hand with local companies in Hong Kong & China the best possible pathway to source directly from factories without the usual high cost and challenges that normally involves and especially during this difficult period.

​​Our pathway is simple and straight forward.

​​​Our Service Platform 

  • Provides SMEs the opportunity to launch their products into HK/China market, and local companies to review their products and viability via B2B and e-Commerce platform in HK and China.

  • Engage, assist, and promote products directly.

  • As acknowledged by JAKIM with our strategic partner, Global Haltec to provide a comprehensive one-stop service capacity for Malaysia Halal Certification for those interested to expand to South East Asia market and global Halal market. 

​​Our Fast Track Approach

  • Availability and Immediate Access to a wide variety of products.

  • New products sourcing.

​Our Advantage

  • Minimal risk to test products acceptance & marketability for both buyer and seller.

  • Local culture and business approach.

  • Minimize Cost & Maximize Market Potential Sales.

​We are based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), we are ready to support, connect and deliver our services to interested parties.

Halal Business Just Got Easier. 


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